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  • Our experience in buying and selling property has been a success because of the following. Mrs. Messer's local knowlege of the real estate market is excellent. She has the expertise in the process to make things happen for the client. Paula's word is as a hand...Read More

  • I moved from Spanish Fort to the Oregon Coast and burdened with the task of selling my Alabama home from 3k miles away. My original realtor dropped the ball so when her commitment ended I searched and found Paula Messer. I spoke on the phone with her (really was...Read More

  • Paula Messer was very knowledgeable of the areas, what to look for when doing a viewing, very honest and also extremely in tuned to what we were looking for and the price range we needed. She always listened to our suggestions and gave us her honest and...Read More

  • To say "amazing" would be saying the absolute least! Mrs. Messer was absolutely WONDERFUL, and it was a huge blessing to have her by our side during our entire buying and selling process. When we were selling our home, we went through a RB agent, that was also a...Read More

  • Paula did an outstanding job selling our house, We had moved out of town and Paula was always ready and willing to go by the house and let a contractor or service provider (e.g. pest control) in to the house. She also did a good job of providing us with feedback...Read More